CLE Coin Sdn Bhd, provides new and innovative concepts in the coin operated laundry in Malaysia.

We were the pioneer in setting up a ‘Self Operated Laundromat’ 10 years ago, which now as flourished all over Malaysia.

Over the last 13 years we have sold more than 8000 units of laundry equipment and established more than 100’s of laundries all over Malaysia both self operated and conventional.

  • Importing/ Exporting of Coin-Operated and Commercial Laundry Equipment.
  • Local Manufacturing, Design and Exporting of Commercial Laundry Products.
  • Wholesale/Retail Sales of Commercial Laundry.
  • Servicing and Installation of all Commercial Laundry Equipment.
  • Training and Support, Consultancy to all public and private sectors.
  • Spare Parts, Warranty and Technical Assistance by factory trained technicians.
  • Financial packages tailored to the end users requirements.

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