Watch the Video Above, Simplified Video about Earth Day

When it comes to 22nd of April all our attention
comes to Earth Day, with an intent to preserve
the environment or create awareness regarding our
deteriorating earth condition due to irresponsible
individual or corporate owners.

Some might know the founder as Gaylord Nelson
but there also a social activist involve called
John McConnell.

Celebrating Earth Day is still not know
to many, the message and activities might
have reached people in the main area of city
but maybe not till every end of the country.

Some might not be literate or
may lack information regarding Earth Day though
there are lots of infographics, Videos
and campaigns launched to create awareness.
the video attach in the article is a simplified version
for any adults and kids to understand the whole
idea of Earth Day within 2 minutes.

Technically, the celebration of Earth Day
will pointless if we just celebrate Earth day
on the 22nd April and putting it aside on the other 364 day.

Earth Day should be a lifestyle
and a responsible as an individual
since the we are kid. Parents and Teachers should
plant the importance of importance
of preserving the environment as culture
in every community.

“Share the Video to Encourage People to make Earth Day a Lifestyle”