Water Purifier Malaysia EL Aqua Fresh Nutri Water Trading

El Aqua Fresh Nutri Water Trading specialized in Drinking Water and Water Filters in Malaysia.

We are supply Water Filtering System, RO Water System, Alkaline Water System and Water Dispenser.

Our products are imported and recognized internationally furthermore

known for the Quality and Reliability.

We ensure the specific needs are choices of the customers.

Our product and Services:

  • Water Filtering System
  • Outdoor Filter
  • Reverse Osmosis System-ro water system
  • Energy System – Alkaline Water
  • Water Purifier
  • Water Dispenser Bottled
  • Water Dispenser Direct Pipe
  • Water Dispenser Modified
  • Filter Cartridge
  • Mineral Pots
  • Doulton Products

Other Products:

  • Diverter Valves
  • DT Adapter
  • Spa filters
  • Water Pressure Pump
  • Water Tap

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