Stephen Guard Dog Training Center with nearly thirty years experience training D.O.D dogs and dog handlers in , Europe, Asia and the United States in the areas of protection, discipline, detection, law enforcement, assistance to individuals with limited mobility and in television and movie production and has trained ,handled decoyed, selected, and tested close to a hundred thousand dog breeds throughout his career in the field of service dog training …. with Stephen’s Guard Dogs!” Services:

  • Training dogs into refusing food from strangers
  • Training for both obidience and family protection
  • Training dogs to become both personal bodyguards and to protect business premises
  • Correcting problematic and temperamental dogs
  • Hiring of security dogs to companies
  • Providing Dog for Sale
  • Breeding and selling junior and adult dogs already trained in the art of effective guarding
  • Hiring of security dogs out to companies
  • Whelping services and Dog Food Supply.
  • Breeding and selling puppies of great guard dogs
  • Importation of trained KNPV dogs
  • Mines/Explosive and drugs detector dogs
  • Dog Training Courses (Dog Trainers)

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