Supplier and Distributor for frozenĀ Curry Puff also known as Karipap, Samosa and Popiah.
We serve the best pastry in South East Asia especially Malaysia and Singapore,

Our pastries are homemade with the genuine taste.

  • We have an authentic Asian Curry Puff recipe preserved taste,
    with minced chicken and suitable for non vege lover.
    We supply frozen curry puff or fried curry puff for teatime or other events.
    Curry puff are well known as Karipap.
  • Our Popiah recipe more of a blend of Malaysian
    style which are known as Popiah Goreng and Popiah Basah.
    We also supply Crispy Popiah Fried or ready made popiah
    which ready to be fried anytime for occasion.
    Popiah is also known as Fresh Spring Rolls in other parts of the world.
  • Samosa is famous pastry in Asia and later in Countries like Malaysia and
    Singapore. We supply frozen Samosa and fried Samosa too with
    the genuine samosa recipe taste and crisp that will exciting to taste an eager for more.

We supply for various events, gathering and even door delivery
even for small order.

Please call us for prices and location for distribution.

Tel : 017 2425 305

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